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S1.Bonus1Transcript. - Be A Tree Meditation by Reverend Raven


8.27.22- This Magical meditation is brought to you by the truly remarkable Reverend Raven.

In her first channeled meditation here at Magical Aspirations, Reverend Raven assists in getting your roots deep down into the earth. Grounding is the first and most important step we recommend before embarking on any magical journey no matter how great or small. You can listen to the original recording of this meditation by clicking the Listen Now tab above.

We decided to leave the transcript as it auto-generated. As you read you can see it broke down into two speakers, Reverend Raven and Speaker 2! Since we look at everything through magical glasses here, we believe Speaker 2 is one of Reverend Raven's guides who helps channel her powerful messages. Give yourself permission to take these few moments for yourself and only yourself and connect with their words and the earth.

As always, Stay true to YOUR magic.



Join Reverend Raven for a quick grounding & centering exercise to help you bring peace & stillness to your everyday life.

Reverend Raven: Welcome to Magical Aspirations, a podcast for magical people where we aspire to gather all of the knowledge magic has to offer. This is a place to illuminate and demystify all things magical. Hi, I'm Reverend Raven and I am so excited to be a part of this podcast. We are going to ask all of the questions about magic from many magical practitioners across the country. We are three badass witches who hail from the most magical place on earth. No, not Disney World, but New Orleans, Louisiana. We are going to interview several magical practitioners and have them tell you about their practices and how we can bring things together. The power of community is strong and we hope to be able to offer you strength and courage to be the person that you are meant to be through being the magical practitioner that you are born to be as well.

Speaker B: So stay tuned. We have a lot of cool things to offer, a lot of things in.

Reverend Raven: Store, many guests, lots of topics. And like I said, no questions are off-limits.

Speaker B: So stay tuned.

Reverend Raven: We're going to go live on 222 of 22. Of course, the magic was in mind whenever we picked that date, but we're really looking forward to getting this party started.


Speaker B: Hi there. This is Reverend Raven.

Reverend Raven: I know we've been talking a lot about incorporating magic into your everyday practice.

Speaker B: So I wanted to come to you.

Reverend Raven: With a simple exercise that you can.

Speaker B: Use anytime you get overwhelmed, frustrated, feeling like things are out of your control. It's a simple technique called grounding. When we ground, we envision the energy that we have within our bodies going down into the earth, being cleansed and.

Reverend Raven: Then returning back to our bodies. So we're going to do a little exercise today called grounding and centering. I like to call it the Be the Tree exercise. So we're going to start out by taking a few deep breaths.

Speaker B: Inhale and exhale. Exhale if you haven't already, gently close your eyes, take another deep breath inhale and exhale. One more really deep breath inhale through your nose and let it all out through your mouth. And when you're ready, envision a golden orb of energy right above your head that helps you to visualize like the sunshine hitting the top of your head. Then do so. And when you're ready on your next inhale, go ahead and visualize that energy moving down through your crown and into your head, behind your eyes, behind your nose, down your throat, across your shoulders, down into your heart. And let that bright golden energy sit over your heart for a few breaths and envision your heart being lit up with that gold light. And when you're ready, go ahead and push that energy down into your solar plexus, all the way down to your belly button, into your hips or your root. And now we're going to envision our.

Reverend Raven: Legs becoming roots like a tree.

Speaker B: Another deep breath in and feel that golden energy moving down the roots of your legs, down your thighs, to your knees, down through your calves and into your ankles. Another deep breath here and on the exhale, feel the energy touching the contact points with the earth, whether that's the balls of your feet, your heels. Take a moment to appreciate how that feels. And when you're ready, let's go ahead and extend your roots. Send that energy down deep into the earth, going through the tops of the soil. Down, down. You're reaching all the way down till you hit the core. And what does that feel like? Take a moment to notice there's no right or wrong answer here. Does it feel cold, or maybe warm? Does it feel solid or something fluid? How does it make you feel to have that connection with the earth? How do you feel in this moment? I feel a sense of peace and tranquility. When you're ready on your next inhale, go ahead and start gathering that energy up and gently pull from the core of the earth and start making your ascent back all the way up through the different layers of the earth and the soil, the grass, and then you hit your feet again. Take a couple of deep breaths to notice that connection with the earth. And when you're ready, let's pull that energy back up through our roots, come up through our ankles and our calves, in our knees. Come back up through our thighs, our big, strong roots in our trunk. Feel the energy in your root, between.

Reverend Raven: Your hips.

Speaker B: Coming up through your solar plexus, up through your heart and take another few breaths here to see how does that energy feel now, how does it feel within your heart. Let's take that energy and center it there. Feel a moment of peace, power, stillness. And when you're ready, start shooting that energy out through your chest and through your shoulders, down your arms, past your elbows and your forearms, and out through your fingertips. And when you're ready on your next inhale, let's go ahead and bring that energy back in, traveling up your arms, into your shoulders. And now we're going to go ahead and let the energy go back up to spirit. So let's move it up your throat and through your third eye, not through your crown of bright gold energy flowing out of the top of your head. A few more breaths here, and since I'm someone who easily gets light headed when I do energy work, I'm going to go ahead and just ground one more time. Go ahead and send that energy back in through my feet and take a few calm breaths here. How do you feel in this moment right now? Wouldn't it be nice if you could carry the ceiling with you throughout your day? Guess what? You can. When something stressful happens throughout your day, you could take a moment to just practice the simple grounding exercise. Take a moment to step outside and take some deep breaths and connect with Mother Earth in nature. You're not alone. The universe will provide the answers that you need in that moment, just like the universe provided. This exercise is to me to share with you today. So we'll go ahead and end it there. But feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or anything that I can help you with along your journey. Blessed.


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